About Us

The CX Company was founded in 2014 by Michael Killeen, our chairman, who has been a passionate customer champion for many years, nurtured by time spent in the US working with brands such as GE, Harley Davidson and American Airlines.

The CX Company was a natural progression from its predecessor, Dialogue, a marketing, communications and data company who set up in 1994 to help companies build mutually profitable customer relationships.

The catalyst for change was the recognition that customers were no longer believing what companies were telling them in their advertising and instead were making choices based on the recommendations of their friends, family and social media.

These recommendations were based on experiences and provided a new method of acquiring customers that was simple and very cost effective. Most importantly, these experiences were unique to each company and the only true way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In 2015, The CX Company launched their first CXi Report to benchmark the CX performance of Ireland’s largest brands. It was a unique and ground-breaking report and has gone from strength to strength to become a must-read for all CEO’s and CX practitioners in Ireland every year because it is based on real customer feedback.

We didn’t just want to provide our clients with insights we wanted to help them to turn these insights into action and we’ve done this very successfully through the full range of CX tools that we now offer.

About The CX Academy

One of the gaps that became very apparent early on was that of CX Education. We developed CX Masterclass and bespoke training programmes but recognised a real need to provide formal CX Education around the world.

In 2017 we launched The CX Academy, developing the CX Certificate and CX Diploma which have become the global standard for CX Certification. We now have a family of thousands of certified CX professionals in 50+ countries around the globe.

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Who We Work With

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, from different sectors, countries and backgrounds. What they all have in common is a desire to do what’s right for their customers and deliver CX Excellence.

This is where we come in. We are very proud of the relationships we have built up with our customers over the years and you can see some of the work we’ve done with them in our case studies.

Our Partners

We’re big fans of partnerships and we work with a number of key partners around the globe. They’re important to us because they help make us who we are.


Amárach are our research partner and work closely with us on our CXi Survey and bespoke CX benchmarking projects.

They are a leading research agency who focus on discovering the right answers to their clients’ important questions about their brands, customers and future potential.

Their in-depth insights, knowledge and experience link perfectly with our own skillsets and expertise resulting in an incredibly powerful and fruitful partnership.

The Customer Experience Company (Australia)

Not only do we share the same company name, we also have many shared philosophies and beliefs with The Customer Experience Company. We are both independent, pragmatic, agile and focused on providing CX solutions that truly meet our clients’ needs.

As well as partnering with us to offer our CX Academy courses, we also work closely with The Customer Experience Company on CX thought leadership activities such as CX masterclasses, webinars and symposiums.

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CX Vision (Singapore)

CX Vision combine CX education and consultancy to enable companies in the APAC region to assess, plan, execute and scale their CX activity to the highest levels of excellence.

They are a key partner for our CX Academy courses and we also work closely with them on consultancy projects just as DHL in Malaysia to deliver comprehensive CX Audit and action planning.

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