Changing mindsets on doing what is right for the customer versus the company

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The insights and actions shared in this blog post are taken from our latest CX symposium roundtable event where global CX leaders shared their thoughts on some of the key issues they face. All of the key ideas and insights have been published in our latest interactive E-Book: Inside the minds of global CX leaders – Turning best practice CX into immediate results.


The goal for most c-suite teams remains focused on how to get customers buying more whilst reducing cost. Leadership teams continue to believe they must make greater profits for shareholders, which funnily enough, benefits their own pay cheque.

The profit-only approach has dramatically changed with the advent of Covid which focused businesses to do what’s right for their staff, customers, and their communities over what is right for shareholders.

Companies that stand for more than simply making profits outperform their competitors the world over.

Identifying and delivering a purpose that impacts positively on communities, customers and employees is the way forward.

A shift towards cross-functional teams in the future will take place but is a major challenge for large enterprises to execute.

Every CX champion company has a full commitment from the top, and each and every one of them recognise they have not reached their peak in the never-ending journey of delivering CX Excellence to their customers.

Customers are much more informed, connected, and sceptical and are moving from buying from a company to buying into a company’s purpose.


Number one

We have to face up to the challenge to educate C-suite on what CX does for the bottom line to ensure we get buy-in for CX investment.

Number two

Create your purpose from the bottom up as the staff are the ones who are responsible for delivering it to customers and communities every single day.

Number three

Bring your mission, vision, values, brand promises, and business goals together to design what your CX management programme will intentionally do for your organisation and its customers. Building alignment of your CX mission provides meaning and purpose for employees to rally around and delivers more value to your customers.

Number four

If your delivery supplier is late or the goods are damaged, own the problem and make it right. Customers are sensitive to excuses businesses offer when things go wrong. Customers see your suppliers, like delivery companies or outsourced call centres, as part of your company so you need to work with them very closely to ensure they are delivering the experience your customers want.

Number five

Challenge governance bodies to become customer-centric. Governance bodies need to stop creating tick box exercises for companies to strictly follow. They need to sit down with the customers of the businesses they monitor and ask the customer whether their policies are of benefit to them.

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Inside the minds of Global CX Leaders: Turning best practice CX into immediate actions.