Five Companies that Continue to Deliver CX Excellence

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Many companies have recognised that investing in Customer Experience (CX) is crucial to the success of their business. Here are five companies who continue to be dedicated to delivering CX Excellence and are recognised as best-in-class for consistently creating memorable experiences for their customers.


Apple has a reputation for exceptional customer experience and whilst the products may change the one thing that remains constant is their commitment to building strong customer relationships. Apple’s focus, in everything they do, from their product development through to store layout and the behaviours of their teams has been rooted in what the customer wants.

Apple recognised early on that customers want support and want issues fixed quickly and their in-store Genius Bars do just this where customer problems are diagnosed and fixed there and then by an expert. The whole process is seamless and hassle free, allowing customers to get on with their lives and Apple to continue to build a hugely loyal base.


Zappos is a shoe and clothing retailer that has built their customer experience around their culture, believing that if they get that right everything else will follow. Recruiting the right people based on the company’s values ensures they continue to deliver a consistent experience. Empowering their teams has meant that exceptional experiences have become the norm as employees are encouraged to go the extra mile for customers whenever they can.

Supporting this with customer focused policies around deliveries and returns has helped Zappo’s to become a leader in the online retail space whilst growing their numbers of returning and new customers.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines have a community of committed, enthusiastic employees who are passionate about delivering the company’s vision of “being dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit”.

Employees are encouraged and inspired to do things differently, from designing their own uniforms to rapping their safety announcements. Harnessing the passion of employees in this way has created a great experience not only for customers but for the employees themselves. It has resulted in Southwest being one of the most successful global airlines as well as creating great dedication and loyalty amongst their workforce.


Amazon has become synonymous with convenience and ease-of-use, thanks to its user-friendly website, one-click ordering, and fast, reliable shipping. They also prioritise customer feedback and use it to continuously improve their services and products by investing in programmes such as Amazon Prime to recognise and reward regular customers and Prime Wardrobe to offer customers the ability to try-on and shop for clothes from the comfort of their own home.

By continuing to focus on building seamless, effective experiences based on customer needs, Amazon has become one of the most successful and influential companies in the world.


Ritz Carlton have hotels all over the world and consistently delivering an excellent experience in every single one of them is at the core of their CX strategy. There is a relentless focus on understanding and delivering their customers priorities as well as surprising and delighting them.

Every guest’s preferences and priorities are noted and captured by employees to be used each time the customer visits. This could be the type of pillows they like, what newspaper they like to read, which rooms they prefer etc. Using this information to deliver a uniquely personalised experience for every customer continues to make Ritz-Carlton a global CX champion and leading luxury brand.

These companies are just a few examples of businesses that have prioritized customer experience and have reaped the benefits of doing so. By creating exceptional experiences for their customers, these companies have built loyal followings and have become leaders in their respective industries.

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