Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

What is it?

One of the most important tools in CX is customer journey mapping because you have to walk in your customers’ shoes to understand what they go through when they’re interacting with your organisation. CX is all about the little things so walking through every step of a customer journey brings to light all of the good, the bad and the ugly!

Customer journey mapping is a brilliant way to get buy-in from your leadership team, showing them what annoys customers and employees and importantly where money can be made and saved by removing pain points. It also helps to break down barriers by getting employees from different departments to do customer journey mapping together, encouraging shared responsibility for CX delivery.

We will guide and support you through the whole customer journey mapping process, working with you to understand key touchpoints, pain points, gaps and improvements.

Customer journey
Customer journey mapping

What you get

Our starting point is to understand your existing journeys, what the customer is trying to do, what your employees do and who’s involved. We do this in a scoping session with you and your team. You may have one journey you want to focus on or you may have a number of journeys you want to look at.

After this we follow a simple three-step customer journey mapping process:

  • Firstly, we create customer personas to use in the customer journey mapping. These are detailed descriptions of a particular customer and really help you to walk in customers shoes and think of them as real people. You can also have a lot of fun creating them and we like to do this in a workshop where everyone can have their input and help to build the persona

  • Secondly, we look at the “as is” journey or what the current journey is like. Typically, this is also done in a workshop where we focus on each stage of the journey, what is happening, how the customer is feeling and the pain points they face

  • Lastly, we look at how we can improve the customer journey and create a new “to be” version which includes identifying actions to address the pain points. This is done in a workshop and we use our ICE (Impact on CX, cost and effort) tool to assess all of the actions

At each of these three stages we use our customer journey mapping templates to capture, collate and create your personas, “as is” and “to be” journeys, giving you everything you need to improve your customer journeys and the experiences you deliver to your customers.

Case Study

H&T customer journey mapping

H&T are the UK’s largest pawnbroker, offering customers a number of financial services online and through over 250 retail outlets. They provide a hugely caring and supportive service to their customers, regularly going the extra mile for them.

H&T’s biggest challenge was the consistent delivery of CX across all channels for all customers so we designed and delivered a programme to map seven key customer journeys.

A series of employee interviews and workshops were held to create the customer personas, “as is” and “to be” customer journeys, resulting in improved understanding, processes and behaviours. Completed journey maps and the all-important action roadmap provided a clear path to CX success for H&T.

Quotation mark image

The CX Company walked us through every step of the customer journey mapping process with care and attention, providing all the support and expertise we needed.

We now have an extremely clear pathway to achieve CX success which everyone in the organisation understands and is keen and energised to be part of.”

Gemma Pezet
Senior CRM Manager, H&T Group

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