CX Action Planning

CX Action Planning Workshops

What is it?

We’re all about turning strategy into action and one of the most effective ways we’ve found of doing this is an Action Planning Workshop. We do lots of them for lots of different customers and they’re a brilliant way of getting the collective brains and expertise of an organisation together to generate the key actions for your CX roadmap.

We use our expertise to help create a clear purpose for the workshop, choose and brief attendees, draw out the right actions through tried and tested facilitation techniques and assess each action using our ICE (Impact, Cost, Effort) tool.

They are hugely enjoyable and productive sessions and it’s amazing how much you can achieve in a few hours when you carefully select the right people to participate with the right frame of mind.

CX Workshop
CX Action planning

What you get

  • Successful workshops are all about the preparation so we put the time and effort in with you to agree everything in advance. We do this through a scoping session where we’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve from the workshop, who should be there, what structure it should take and what you can expect to get from it

  • Once we’ve agreed all this, we’ll send you a detailed workshop briefing document that you can send out to your attendees so they’re prepared and know what to expect

  • In the workshop we’ll manage it from start to finish, capturing all of the actions as we go

  • We like to get attendees to vote on the actions as it creates buy-in and a shared sense of ownership. The actions with the most votes are then rated by everyone using our ICE tool for Impact on CX, Cost and Effort

  • Following the workshop we provide you with a detailed document that contains all of the actions, your ICE assessment results and a roadmap to help you implement the actions

Action planning
Action planning
Action planning workshop roadmap

Case Study


Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing is part of the Thales Group, a global technology company who operate across a number of business-critical sectors.

They asked us to create and run a workshop to identify actions that would build and cement strong relationships with their customers, turning them into advocates.

Representatives from across five departments (& five Countries) took part in the workshop and identified a range of actions which formed the basis of a shared CX Skills and Behaviours Bible which was subsequently used by all departments to deliver CX Excellence.

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The workshop really helped to get our global team working together to create real, tangible actions. The guidance, support and commitment of The CX Company made all the difference.

They kept us focused, motivated and on track throughout the session and collated all of the outputs in a simple, but very effective CX Skills and Behaviours Bible that has become invaluable.”

Tasha Payne
CX Manager, Thales Data Security Products

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