CX Audit

CX Audit

What is it?

One of our most effective tools is our CX Audit. We firmly believe that before you start putting robust action plans in place you need to know what the state of play is. This is where our CX Audit comes in. Using a combination of in-depth interviews and questionnaires with employees and customers we build a comprehensive picture of your current CX performance, creating a benchmark to measure improvements going forward.

We provide detailed analysis and comparisons of your performance as viewed by your customers and your employees, identifying the gaps, issues and pain points. Most importantly, we provide you with a detailed action plan to deliver CX Excellence.

We have done our CX Audit for many different companies in many different industries and are expert at getting to the heart of an organisation. We know the right questions to ask, how to interpret the answers and instinctively know what actions are needed. Whether you’re just starting out on your CX journey or have been doing it for a while and have hit a bit of a wall, our CX Audit will put you firmly on track.

CX audit
CX audit

What you get

After completing our interviews and questionnaires with your customer
and employees we present you with a detailed CX Audit Report.

The CX Audit includes:

  • Key insights and themes

  • Issues and gaps

  • Benchmarking comparisons

  • Summary findings

  • Recommended actions and next steps

Case Study

DHL Malaysia

From good to great – DHL Malaysia were providing customers with a good customer experience but recognised that customer needs and expectations were growing rapidly and they needed to sharpen their CX delivery.

Their starting point was doing a CX Audit to really understand and benchmark their current position to pinpoint where to focus effort and drive improvement. We carried out interviews and questionnaire with employees across different departments and customers from different sectors.

Through our CX Audit we identified key gaps and critical success factors which formed the basis of a detailed CX action plan.

Quotation mark image

Doing the CX Audit gave us real clarity on our current CX performance and gave the whole leadership team a shared view of where we are and where we need to get to, identifying clear, tangible actions to get our CX strategy back on track.

The report we got was extremely comprehensive and demonstrated that The CX Company really understood our business and our challenges.”

HunNi Lieuw
Head of Business Transformation, DHL Malaysia

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