CX Case Study:

Allianz –
Customised CX Masterclass for Customer Ambassadors

Our Client’s Challenge

Allianz Insurance had recently put an internal Customer Ambassador programme in place which included representatives from many different departments, both customer facing and non-customer facing.

Amongst the ambassadors there were differing levels of knowledge and understanding about CX and how to implement it. For the Customer Ambassador programme to be a success Allianz recognised the importance of having all of them on the same CX page.


Our Solution

We designed and delivered a customised CX Masterclass for the Customer Ambassadors which would both educate, motivate and start the process of them working together to put CX actions in place.

The first part of the masterclass comprised a knowledge sharing element to give all Customer Ambassadors a shared understanding of CX and its importance in Allianz’s overall strategy.

The second part of the masterclass was an interactive workshop, based on a real customer scenario, where attendees identified key pain points, how the customer might be feeling and actions to put in place to improve the experience. All actions captured in the session were output back to Allianz following the masterclass in a roadmap.


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What Was The Impact?

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“The CX Masterclass created great engagement and energy amongst our Customer Ambassadors. The feedback that we got from participants was that it really helped them to understand the importance of their role and motivated them to work together to improve the customer experience.”

George Kendall
CX Manager, Allianz Insurance

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