CX Education and Training Custom Video Design

What is it?

One of the challenges that large organisations in particular face is having a shared and consistent basic understanding of CX across all departments in all locations. They want everyone to be on the same page and understand how CX fits with the organisation’s overall purpose and strategy.

Creating a simple but engaging and inspiring video that everyone in the organisation can access is an effective way of doing this. Pairing our unique CX knowledge and design skills we create customised videos that not only educate, but also prompt those all-important actions.

CX Video design

What you get

  • We start with a scoping session to understand your wants and needs, what you want to achieve from the video, who it’s aimed at and what you want to cover

  • From this we’ll put a content and production plan together

  • Once that’s agreed we’ll do everything including writing the script, recording voiceovers, designing and producing the video

  • It will be fully customised to you needs so if you want to add in additional footage or materials of your own that’s no problem

  • At every stage we’ll work closely with you to get feedback and ensure your video is exactly what you’re looking for

Case Study

Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health serving many customers and patients across all continents. Air Liquide has a customer-centric transformation strategy in place and wanted to find a way of educating, engaging and motivating non-customer facing staff to play their part.

A fully customised video was designed and produced that gave these employees basic CX education, created awareness of each department’s role, how they impact the customer and motivated them to act together to improve CX.

The video stimulated interaction through simple knowledge test quizzes at the end of each section and some exercises to get each department thinking about customers.

The video was produced in English and French and included pieces from the leadership team to reinforce key messages.

Quotation mark image

Our CX video designed and produced by The CX Company has helped to drive the success of our customer-centric transformation in a simple but engaging way across our global network.

Feedback from the teams has been extremely positive and we are delighted with the level of engagement and action that the video has generated.”

Andrea Saitta
Group Customer Experience Director, Air Liquide

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