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CX Education and Training

What is it?

Getting everyone in your organisation to understand CX, it’s benefits and their role in delivering it is key to success and our CX Education and Training programmes do just that.

We educate and empower your teams, giving them the tools, motivation and confidence to work together to deliver CX Excellence. Our CX Education and Training programmes create a real focus on the customer and a shared and consistent set of CX behaviours, encouraging employees to be themselves and demonstrate authenticity, care and empathy for each other and their customers.

We recognise how important it is to embed education and recognise learning achievements. We provide a range of tools to support you to do this including CX behaviour assessment, ongoing CX learning modules, train-the-trainer materials, new starter induction programmes and CX Accreditation.

We customise each programme to meet each organisation’s objectives and will take the time to understand exactly what you need. We go through every detail to make sure we design and deliver the best programme possible. Our programmes work equally well for customer facing and non-customer facing teams, one of the beauties of having a customised approach. We pride ourselves on creating great engagement in our programmes, as well as a lasting impact that will benefit your employees, your customers and your business.

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CX training programme plan

What you get

  • To make sure the CX Education and Training programme is exactly what you want we take the time to fully understand your needs. This will start with a scoping session, followed by discussions with some of your team to understand where your CX knowledge levels are at and where the gaps are. We’ll then come back to you with a detailed outline of the proposed structure and content for your particular programme

  • At the core of our programmes is the CX Education and Training sessions which are part knowledge sharing and part workshop. Everything is built around our CX Framework, providing easy to understand and practical behaviours for delivering CX Excellence. Customer experience is all about walking in your customers and colleagues’ shoes which is enabled and encouraged every step of the way. Engagement and interaction are hugely important so we build in plenty of opportunities for participants to share their thoughts, ideas and feedback as we go. We also provide a workbook for every participant so they can record their own personal thoughts, ideas and commitments. We’re flexible in terms of how and when these sessions are delivered and will work with you to come up with a plan that works for everyone. We also support you to deliver the learnings yourselves through the development of train-the-trainer and CX induction materials.

  • In the workshop we’ll manage it from start to finish, capturing all of the actions as we go

  • We like to get attendees to vote on the actions as it creates buy-in and a shared sense of ownership. The actions with the most votes are then rated by everyone using our ICE tool for Impact on CX, Cost and Effort

  • Following the workshop we provide you with a detailed document that contains all of the actions, your ICE assessment results and a roadmap to help you implement the actions

CX training
CX Training booklet
CX Training booklet

Case Study

Eason logo

Eason is Ireland’s largest and oldest seller of books, magazines and stationery operating online and through numerous retail outlets. Eason have traditionally been very strong in delivering customer service but recognised that to really differentiate themselves they needed to focus on customer experience. Key to this was the development of an employee CX Education and Training programme.

We designed a bespoke programme including sessions with all store employees to give them a deep understanding of CX and got them to design the ideal customer experience. The learnings were embedded through online learning and CX skills coaching and assessment in each store.

Accreditation has been awarded based on results from the in-store assessments and presentations from each store on the impact the programme has had.

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The impact of the CX Company’s Education and Training programme has been huge. From day one we could see immediate engagement and excitement and through ongoing learning and accreditation CX has become well and truly embedded in our store teams.

The CX Company have partnered with us all the way and provided all of the knowledge, expertise and support that we needed to make this a hugely successful, award-winning programme.”

Trevor Rodgers
Learning & Development Business Partner, Eason

The CX Academy

The CX Academy is the sister company of The CX Company and provides the most widely respected and globally recognised CX qualifications through its CX Certificate and CX Diploma.

The CX Company team played a major role in creating, developing and tutoring these courses, using our many years of experience. As a result, the CX Academy courses provide students with everything they need to know about CX and how to develop a comprehensive CX strategy and actions.

The courses are online, self-paced and rooted in a simple, practical approach, brought to life with best practice and case studies from around the globe. Learners are supported with webinars, downloadable tools and templates and mentoring from course leaders. Learners achieve their CX qualifications through assignments and multiple-choice assessments.

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