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What is it?

At the core of our insights is our annual CXi Survey which has been running since 2015. The survey uses real customer feedback to benchmark 160+ brands across 11 sectors in Ireland for CX Excellence. The survey allows companies to benchmark their CX performance against their key competitors and best-in-class.

At the heart of the survey is our CX Framework which we use to measure CX Excellence. The results from the survey are published every October in our annual CXi report which contains the CXi league table, key insights and trends.

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CXi Subscriber Debrief

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What do you get?
  • We provide in-depth, individual brand insights from the CXi survey in a subscription programme

  • The subscription programme includes a detailed and customised de-brief for your brand with comparisons to competitor and best-in-class brands

  • Your de-brief will include key insights, recommended areas of focus and suggested actions to improve your CX performance

  • You will receive your results ahead of the main launch of the report and priority invitations to our events

Case Study


Laya Healthcare have been a subscriber to our CXi survey for the last four years and find it provides invaluable insights into how their immediate competitors, their sector and the top 10 companies perform.

The results and insights from the survey are a key benchmark for their leadership team to identify areas of improvement and drive their CX strategy forward.

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The CXi Survey provides us with invaluable insights into what is happening in our market and how we perform against others. It is a key tool that we use to help us understand what we need to do to be a top performing CX company.”

Lorraine Walsh
CX Director, Laya Healthcare

Bespoke CX Benchmarking

We also do bespoke benchmarking for organisations who are outside of Ireland or who aren’t currently covered in our annual survey. So, if you want to know how you are currently performing, where the gaps are and where you should focus your efforts, we can do a bespoke CX survey for you.

Global benchmarking

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