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Our starting point with any customer is a scoping session to understand where you’re at and where you want to get to. This works best as an informal chat and we’ll ask you lots of questions.

Based on what you’ve told us we’ll come back with a proposal that will deliver your unique needs and wants. Every proposal includes a recommended approach of how we can help you, what’s involved, what you’ll get and how much it will cost.

We have a unique set of practical, tried and tested CX Services to help turn your CX strategy into actions that will impact your business immediately.

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CX Insights & Research

Annual CXi benchmarking report and insights to help you identify where your current CX performance is today

CX Masterclass
CX Masterclass

CX Masterclass and speaking engagements events to help get everyone on board, motivated and speaking the same language

CX Audit
CX Audit

CX Audit helping you to determine your current strengths and weaknesses

CX Action Planning
CX Action Planning Workshops

CX Action Planning Workshops to identify where you can sharpen your current experience delivery

Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping to identify and remove pain points to deliver CX Excellence

CX Training
CX Education & Training

CX Education and Training motivating and empowering your employees and partners to deliver CX Excellence

The CX Academy

The CX Academy is setting the global standard for certified CX excellence qualifications

CX Communications Design

CX Communications Design for internal employee and external customer communications

CX Education & Training Custom Video Design

CX Training Video Design to provide customised CX education for your organisation

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