How can we deliver amazing cross-functional CX initiatives?

CX jigsaw

The insights and actions shared in this blog post are taken from our latest CX symposium roundtable event where global CX leaders shared their thoughts on some of the key issues they face. All of the key ideas and insights have been published in our latest interactive E-Book: Inside the minds of global CX leaders – Turning best practice CX into immediate results. 


Successful CX people partner with other departments to help create cross-functional solutions

The removal of silos is not happening at speed in mature companies. We see it regularly in start-ups but it’s proving a difficult transition in larger enterprises​

CX practitioners need to be able to effectively engage with the leadership team and department heads. This is a key skill and requires different approaches with different people

To achieve real business impact as a CX leader you need to get the support of all of your stakeholders, many of whom don’t report to you. Listening, actioning and ensuring customer needs are met is paramount to drive and demonstrate ROI from your CX programme


Number one

Set up a CX Task Force of cross-functional employees who will work collectively to influence and deliver key CX initiatives across the company.

Number two

Bring external partners and suppliers into your CX action planning workshops to ensure they are on the journey with you.

Number three

Explore how you could better deliver CX Excellence by re-structuring your company and removing departmental silos.

Number four

Think about how your customers would like you to structure your company and look at what change that would require.

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Inside the minds of Global CX Leaders: Turning best practice CX into immediate actions.