Is CX misunderstood & what impact does this have on its progress?

CX Misunderstood

The insights and actions shared in this blog post are taken from our latest CX symposium roundtable event where global CX leaders shared their thoughts on some of the key issues they face. All of the key ideas and insights have been published in our latest interactive E-Book: Inside the minds of global CX leaders – Turning best practice CX into immediate results.


Yes, CX is misunderstood which is proving a major hurdle for the discipline’s growth. Large consultancy groups and many enterprise practitioners use complicated jargon and acronyms to make them look like the smartest person in the room. They apply this jargon in their everyday CX language, making it much more complex and confusing than it needs to be. This business language complexity is holding up CX investment because business leaders won’t support initiatives they don’t understand. And unfortunately, investments then trickle into cost-saving technology plays under the guise of CX causing an unfair imbalance of technology vs human support.

CX is a simple and brilliantly effective discipline that each of us experiences as customers every single day. We all get it, so why confuse it? CX has been around for hundreds of years, and we must do everything in our power as CX practitioners to stop it from becoming fluffy and a boardroom fad. Thankfully, we are witnessing the arrival of Customer Experience Officers, (CXOs) who are becoming more proficient on company boards and helping leaders make decisions to get the best out of the CX investments.


Number one

Call out colleagues and business consultants who complicate the CX discipline. Challenge presentations that are complex and get the authors to simplify them so management can understand and quickly act on them.

Number two

For CX communication initiatives stand in your customer and employee shoes. If a 12-year-old doesn’t understand the messaging, it’s not fit for purpose. Restart!

Number three

Create a CXO role that will work with all departments and report to the CEO directly.

Number four

Use The CX Academy's standard definition of CX so everyone in your organisation is clear what it is: CX is how a customer feels about every interaction they have with you. It's about emotions. Customers judge their experience on what they expected so did you fail, meet, or exceed their expectations.

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Inside the minds of Global CX Leaders: Turning best practice CX into immediate actions.