What role will Employee Experience have on CX’s future?

Graph showing how EX effects CX

Employee Experience (EX) is creating a lot of positive noise and is creating a lot of discussion at the boardroom table as companies recognise that EX feeds CX delivery.

Happy Employees equals happy Customers equals happy Shareholders

This is an accepted approach to business success. It’s becoming clearer that CX is a human trait wrapped deeply in employee emotions.

Human interaction, particularly face-to-face with staff makes customers feel closer to an organisation which is closely linked to CX success. We need to see more investment in empowering staff, creating the right tools for them, and educating them to deliver better experiences for customers and colleagues.

Frontline staff are more important than ever and need to be rewarded accordingly. Higher salaries are not always the right solution. We need to evaluate what each employee is looking for first and act accordingly. If we simply pay more, we need to justify this by making more money from this approach and this still must be proved. Proper career progression is far more important. Employees need to be cherished more and receive better CX education.

There are huge benefits to maintaining employee retention. They do so much more them simply make sales or sort out customer issues. Employees today want more flexibility in their working lives.


Number one

Do something amazing for those employees who showed up during Covid. The pandemic has revealed who your essential employees are and how essential they are to serving your customers. Frontline employees such as delivery drivers, supermarket workers, and nurses all showed up for work when the rest of us worked from home. Now is the time to recognise these critically important employees.

Number two

Create a workshop to find ways to leverage your human touch. Use your staff to identify these actions as they will be the ones delivering them.

Number three

Deliver a workshop on how to humanise your digital process.

Number four

Improving CX is directly linked to the hiring and supporting of your essential employees and should be a cornerstone element of your CX management programme.

Number five

Invest in CX emotional training for all staff.

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Inside the minds of Global CX Leaders: Turning best practice CX into immediate actions.