CX Design solutions

Benchmarking and identifying areas for improvement are only part of what we do. We provide the solution too.

One moment we could be creating a ‘surprise and delight’ welcome experience. Another we could be designing a trustworthy tone of voice or empowering staff through a quicker resolution promise. We design customer experiences for all areas within an organisation; customer facing and non customer facing, online and offline.

Whatever the task, we plan it and produce it, standing firmly in the customer’s shoes.

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The CX Company design moments of truth that captivate audiences with great story telling. Not least because they are lifelong experts who live and sleep the discipline.

Leena Vento-Selen – Chairman, Suhde, Finland

Volvo test drive customer
advocacy experience

Blood pressure website
and patients experience for GP’s

Standard Life Investments
British & Irish Lions match day experience

Eason staff training
reinforcement literature

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