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Walking in your customer’s shoes

Customers no longer trust businesses as they once used to. They trust the unbiased opinions of their friends, family and business colleagues over any form of promise. This is why Customer Experience (CX) is the world’s fastest growing business discipline.

The CX Company helps clients differentiate their offering via CX excellence. We design CX experiences that lock your costumers in for longer and happily spend more with you. And just as important, we motivate happy customers to sell your products on your behalf.

We walk in your customers shoes on a daily basis. This allows us unearth deep insights into their emotional needs. We explore best practice CX around the world across all sectors and create Remarkable CX solutions for them on your behalf.

As Walt Disney beautifully put it, “Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again, and bring their friends with them.”

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The Ireland Customer Experience Report

Every year we ask customers to rate over 170 brands across 10 business sectors on their experiences.
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What we do

  • CX Benchmarking
  • Insights & Planning
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX Excellence training
  • Customer Promise & Brand Story
  • Remarkable CX Moments Design