The CX Company
are the Customer
Experience experts

Customer Experience is the emotional connection a customer feels when engaging with your business.

We help you to make that a remarkable and consistent experience across all channels.

Get in touch to see how we can help grow your business by improving Customer Experience.


The CX Company will open your mind to amazing new opportunities.
They present CX in a thrilling and brilliantly simple way.
They share numerous authentic best practices and an irresistible line of arguments.

Marc Schmitt – Director, Brüggemann & Freunde, Germany

The CX Company are an incredibly talented group and will inspire you to think of the new CX approach to business growth. They have opened many new doors for ourbusiness. CX is now a key part of our business and my skill set.

Greger Flak – Strategic Director & Partner, Digital byrået , Norway

Masterclass Feedback

The CX Company delivered a superb CX Masterclass in Lisbon. Packed with global best practice, engaging case studies and insights on how to deliver CX excellence. Marketers from around the world had their minds ripped open in one of the best 2 hour immersion programmes they ever attended.

Cosmin Lacatusu – Chairman, InterDirect Network

The CX Company design mom ents of truth that captivate audiences with great story telling. Not least because they are lifelong experts who liveand sleep the discipline.

Leena Vento-Selen – Chairman, Suhde, Finland

What we do


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