CX Strategy
into Action

CX is in danger of becoming a fad unless we move it out of pure strategy and into CX actions where customers can finally feel the love.

Customer Experience is one of the world’s fastest growing business disciplines.
The principles and the benefits are simple to understand. However, where many
organisations struggle is in making it happen.

The CX Company guide, support and mentor organisations around the globe
to turn CX Strategy into action.

Using our unique practical, tried and tested framework and tools we partner
with you to understand and shape your thoughts, prioritise what matters most
and mobilise your teams to create experiences that deliver value for your
employees, your customers and your organisation.

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The CXi Ireland Customer
Experience Report 2023

Download our annual CX report for insights, case studies, Ireland’s CX League Table, and much more

Our approach to delivering
CX Excellence

We love what we do and our approach to partnering with you is built on our core strengths and beliefs.


First and foremost we’re CX practitioners with real-world experience. We’ve set up and run numerous CX projects so we know what it takes to get them off the ground, what the pitfalls are and most importantly, how to keep the momentum going.​

Practice makes perfect
One size doesnt fit all

We recognise that every organisation is different and each one has its own unique challenges. We take the time to really understand your business and your people at every level, across every department. Building and implementing action plans based on your particular needs is what we have become brilliant at.


We know CX is simple to understand and we firmly believe in keeping it simple to implement. We approach everything with a “common-sense”, practical approach. We have a set of unique tried and tested CX tools that have been created by us to drive the right CX actions in the right places. We’ll support you in getting these tools embedded in your organisation.

keep it simple

Our practical approach is beautifully illustrated by our CX Framework, one of our core tools. It’s made up of Six Emotional Drivers which enable organisations to build deep emotional bonds with their customers. We use our CX Framework to benchmark, plan, educate and measure. It’s hugely versatile and can be used for CX and EX in any organisation in any sector, whether it’s B2C or B2B.

Power of sharing

We firmly believe in the power of sharing and we like to use the knowledge and insights that we are constantly generating to educate and inspire others. We do this through our annual CXi Survey report, CX Masterclasses and webinars featuring best-in-class CX organisations.

The CX Academy

Empowering action is close to our hearts and we founded The CX Academy to set the global standard for certified Customer Experience Excellence qualifications that give CX professionals the confidence and the knowledge to deliver CX in their own organisations.


We like to practice what we preach and for us it’s all about long-term relationships and partnerships with our customers. CX is a long-term strategy and we will guide, support and mentor you on your CX journey.

We invest deeply in our customer relationships and take them very seriously. We want you to think of us as part of your team, someone you can rely on and who’s there when you need the expert support or a simple sounding board.

Long haul
From the heart

Implementing CX actions successfully isn’t always easy. What makes it easier (and much more enjoyable) is passion. Passion for your employees and customers, passion for solving issues, passion for working together, passion for making things better for everyone. We have passion, and lots of it. It’s why we have been doing what we do for over two decades and it’s why we’re successful in making our customers successful.

Case Studies

See how we’ve worked with organisations to create experiences that delivered value for them, their employees and their customers.

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“The CXi Survey provides us with invaluable insights into what is happening in our market and how we perform against others. It is a key tool that we use to help us understand what we need to do to be a top performing CX company.”

Lorraine Walsh
CX Director, Laya Healthcare

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“The CX Masterclass created great engagement and energy amongst our Customer Ambassadors. The feedback that we got from participants was that it really helped them to understand the importance of their role and motivated them to work together to improve the customer experience.”

George Kendall
CX Manager, Allianz Insurance

DHL Malaysia
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“Doing the CX Healthcheck gave us real clarity on our current CX performance and gave the whole leadership team a shared view of where we are and where we need to get to, identifying clear, tangible actions to get our CX strategy back on track. The report we got was extremely comprehensive and demonstrated that The CX Company really understood our business and our challenges.”

HunNi Lieuw
Head of Business Transformation, DHL Malaysia

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“The workshop really helped to get our team working together to create real, tangible actions. The guidance, support and commitment of The CX Company made all the difference. They kept us focused, motivated and on track throughout the session and collated all of the outputs in a simple, but very effective CX Skills and Behaviours Bible that has become invaluable.”

Tasha Payne
CX Manager, Thales Data Security Products

Air Liquide
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“Our CX video designed and produced by The CX Company has helped to drive the success of our customer-centric transformation in a simple but engaging way across our global network. Feedback from the teams has been extremely positive and we are delighted with the level of engagement and action that the video has generated.”

Andrea Saitta
Group Customer Experience Director, Air Liquide

Trinity College
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“The CX Company completely get what we are looking for and how important it is to keep our global alumni informed and engaged. Their designs work brilliantly and are recognised as best-in-class in our sector.”

Ann Walsh
Associate Director Communications & Digital Marketing, Trinity Development & Alumni, Trinity College Dublin

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